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We treat each customer as a unique buyer, while endeavouring to provide a product which is the best fit for a person's lifestyle and situation. It is this individual attention together with a quality product that makes us one of the nation's oldest boiler and furnace manufacturers.  We routinely serve second and third generation customers who return to buy again and experience the

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Units have been tested and listed to UL and CSA standards by accredited independent testing laboratories.

When it comes to heating your home, energy efficient is always a factor. Making sure your heating element puts out enough heat consistently and without raising your heat bill through the roof is what we strive for. In 1976, Thermo Control Heating Systems created just that, a wood heating system that is efficient and does the job without any hassle. We are proud to continually offer our customers with new and improved systems as we see the demands change over the years.

Our goal many years ago was to create an indoor wood burning furnace and indoor wood burning boiler that heats quicker, is energy efficient and will provide you with minimal costs throughout the year with wood and repairs. We use only the finest and strongest materials for both furnace and indoor boiler systems. Our indoor wood heating systems have an automatic thermostat control that guarantees a constant and even temperature all day.

We were one of the first companies to introduce wood gasification. Our wood heating systems have an all-natural draft and are zero maintenance. The indoor wood burning furnaces and wood burning boilers burn wood evenly and over a period of time, which will save you in cost and amount of wood you need to stack up. Depending on the model and type of wood used, your system will need to be removed of ashes once a week or once a month.

If you are looking for a wood heating system, we hope you will consider Thermo Control Heating Systems. All of our systems are reasonably priced, but will guarantee you many years of comfort and proper temperature control that you might not get with other brands. We are constantly working to improve our systems to always offer you the best on the market. If you have any questions about how our systems work, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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