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Here is the latest edition of the Thermo-Control family: The WB-600-C.  It is the world’s ONLY self modulating wood burner. We designed and built this new boiler right in our home town of Cobleskill NY.

For the past 38 years, Thermo-Control has given you a product that produces a lot of hot water without a lot of wood.  With the WB-600-C, we’ve taken it even further.  Now you’ll get a lot of hot water without a lot of wood, AND without a lot of smoke.  The WB-600-C is SO efficient that it even burns the particulates in the smoke to create the maximum amount of hot water.  In order to get the most efficiency from your WB-600-C, read the User Instruction Manual in its entirety and follow all instructions carefully.

The WB-600-C boiler has been designed for indoor installation and

has also been tested to meet UL Standard 2523 - 2009 Standard C22.2 No.3 for indoor central solid fuel fired furnaces.

The TC WB-600-C

How does it work?

“If you are seriously considering a wood furnace, don’t pull the trigger until you check out the 600.”

-Keith M  Long Island , NY.

Facts & Figures

Heating Range - Up to

3600 sq ft

Equivalent Rating (BTU/hr)


Maximum Log Length


Overall Dimensions - Wide


Overall Dimensions - Long


Overall Dimensions - High


Firebox Dimensions - Wide


Firebox Dimensions - Long


Firebox Dimensions - High



1950 lbs

Boiler Surface Area

60 sq ft

Water Capacity

87 gal

Flue Size


Fire Box Capacity

10.23 cu ft



Click here to view the video tutorial on replacing your actuator.

ASME Boiler

Commercial Use ONLY

Not For Sale in US
for Residential Use

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